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I am Maria J. Smith a Canadian artist who has been painting for more than forty years.  I am largely a self taught artist, with early lessons and inspiration from the great local artist, John Keast.  My favourite medium is oil on canvas; I’d like to describe my work as realism,  painting subjects that are based on my life experiences, travels and love of nature.

Living on St. Joseph Island has inspired me to capture the unique and beautiful scenery the Island and North Shore both have to offer. My love for flowers is reflected in my floral paintings.

For 30 years I have been quilting.  I enjoy the creativity of working with fabrics as well as loving the textures and patterns.  It’s always fun especially seeing how the ‘Stack & Whack’ ones turn out.
(Go to my quilt page to see the interesting pattern! Along with more details)

As a side line I started making “Ribbon Necklaces”. Also fun to do.

I’m an avid gardener – I especially have a love for Hostas as you’ll see in my plant photos.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in purchasing paintings, quilts, or necklaces please contact me (Maria J. Smith) directly.

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